Showmen Side Stall Insurance

Broker2U provide an exclusive scheme with Nelson Policies at Lloyds as follows:

    Fixed Premiums

  • 1 stall and less than £50k Turnover = £211.00 inclusive
  • 2-3 stalls and less than £50k turnover = £300 inclusive
  • 4-5 stalls and less than £75k turnover = £427 inclusive
  • Over 5 stalls rated on a case by case basis.
    Terms and Conditions

  • Excludes all mechanical rides, pellet gun stalls, inflatables and bungees
  • Based on Maximum annual turnover £50k (above this refer to us)
  • “Minimum and Deposit” premium applies ie £nil refund if cover cancelled mid-term or outside the initial 14 day cooling off period

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  • Easy to buy, covers are at a set price inclusive of all fees and tax
  • Cover can be for a mix of kiosks/stalls up to a total annual turnover of £50k
  • For cover on any mechanical equipment, inflatables etc see our main Showman page

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