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Welcome to a personalised approach to insurance cover

Broker2U Ltd intend to return to the core values of insurance broking while embracing current technology to ensure that you receive a 21st century experience.

We are very aware that the routes to the market you have at your fingertips and the choices available are vast these days. We would like to show you that sometimes a more old fashioned, personal approach,  building a relationship with your Broker, can offer real value and will pay dividends in the long run.

Broker2U set out to provide you with:

  • A personal service whether you are an individual or a commercial enterprise
  • Clear advice, from individual specialists in their field
  • Reliable Insurers

But most of all, our time

Don’t settle for less

We know there are lots of Insurers selling their products directly to you but why settle for anything less than considered independent advice and a personalised service?

You won’t know until you try, Broker2U.

We’re part of the TEn Network – the biggest independent Insurance Broker Network in the UK.

This page was revised on 30 November 2018